Thursday, 18 April 2013

Iron Fist (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Iron Fist (Toy Biz)
I feel there's like a "yin-yang energy" surrounding this action figure when I had examined the sculpt, paint detail and articulation. These are mostly positive though but then these negative features just surface right before my eyes and I say, whoaa, what's wrong with that! This Marvel Legends Iron Fist is part of the Apocalypse BAF Series by Toy Biz. He comes in two different types- the original type where he wears the yellow and green colour scheme, and the flaming-Iron Fist type (this one here), which I like better!

However, this guy is not immune to my ever judging stare. First, his shoulders are exaggeratingly swollen and round! It just looked odd and unnatural but viewing from the side, these shoulders may not look obviously silly. Though satisfied with the sculpt of his angry face, I am not very happy with these little "flaming stuffs" on top of his head. Toy Biz could have used that red glowy plastic like the one used to create his accessories, or better yet not have them there! It look some kind of bump on the head or some bird poop.

The paint detail is actually not bad. I see some dark shading between each muscle areas to help with the contrast. This flaming Iron Fist got this dragon symbol tattooed nicely over his chest. He is one of those superheroes I find having the strangest outfit, and I'm just glad Marvel redesigned his uniform into a more appealing one (should I say).

Now the best part- articulation. This, in my opinion, is probably one of Toy Biz's highly poseable action figure. You can really see those hinges and joints around the knuckles and toes. Iron Fist got a ball-hinged neck, ball-hinged shoulders and he got this armpit joints that let him extend his arms further sidewards. He got swivel to the biceps and mid-forearms. The fingers are also poseable and lets you get his right hand into a punching pose while a judo chop on the left hand. He got the ab crunch, swivel to the waist, ball-hinged hips, double-jointed knees, hinges to the ankles as well as on the toes and got ankle rockers that doesn't really do a nice job.

He comes with couple of these red-orange glowy plastic shaped like flames, which you can latch unto his fist or at the tip of his toes. Don't hesitate to use it with your other action figures or with any kind of props you have.

Despite all the issues I have with this figure, for a Toy Biz Marvel Legends collector, it is a great figure to have. Nowadays, it's very cheap if you buy it on your local comic book stores or even on eBay.

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