Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ninja Spawn - Spawn Evolutions (McFarlane Toys)

Ninja Spawn: Spawn Evolutions
Collecting Spawn figures is one sick trip and I do envy those who strictly dig to these kind of stuff because there is this small side of me that want to have those mean, mature and kind of grotesque toys, and McFarlane is doing a great job at creating these toys from hell. Sadly, I don't have enough room to accomodate another toyline. I just have this little spot for Spawn figures and... boy these figures, especially this Ninja Spawn really stood out from the rest of those action figures I usually collect.

One beaming feature on this action figure is the sculpt and paint application. Like most McFarlane Toys, this Ninja Spawn combines the elements of wickedness and art. I like how the detail on the paint just looks complex yet neat. The contrast of shadows around his head cover, loin cloth, holsters and armguards is well applied.

Behind that head cover is the face of a killer looking at his target with his green eyes. Without all these red garments and extra features, the Ninja Spawn is basically the old Spawny we know when it first appeared. He got the black and white colour scheme with stuff added to his body.

The weapons looks pretty badass! He wields two customed katana blades; one short and one long, and two of these curved swords that latches into the holsters. Now these holsters are molded with the action figure as well as those two kusarigamas and a nunchuk that hang around his legs, and shurikens across his torso, and I wish they are removal and usable. Looking at how awesome it looked, I'm very displeased knowing that it's there for aesthetic purposes.

Ninja Spawn comes with this little base that goes only to one foot. Again, it has some nice details just as the action figure itself.

There is really nothing much to talk about the articulation of an action figure that almost has no "action." Like Spawn from the Art of Spawn series, Ninja Spawn here is for display purposes but you can change the way he points his blade within the confines of his statue-like arms.

Elbow joints, knee joints and hip joints are absent. You can turn his head in line with his sternum but it would make him seem like he has a neck injury or some sort of abnormality, so it's better if you have him faced to the left side. He got swivel to the biceps, wrists, waist and mid-thighs... and that's all he got.

Despite having almost zero articulation, you would be amazed by the amount of details this Ninja Spawn has and probably the rest of his kind. If you wanna have a room decorated with "dark action figures," you should definitely include this guy here for I do really think he's cool.


  1. bro, i agree..this is something new from spawn lines....

    1. McFarlane creates dozens of "versions-of-Spawn" here and there.