Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Captain America - Ultimate (Marvel Legends)

The Marvel Legends Wave 4 Ultimate Captain America is probably my second best Cap action figure in this toyline, next to Bucky Cap from Wave 2. This is the fourth Captain America we had in four consecutive Return of Marvel Legends release and... aren't they tired making these guys? Not that I don't like the character, but I'd like to see a little variety going on and I hope Hasbro will take a break creating these shield wielding superheroes.
Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America
This could have been easily my favourite Captain America action figure if only Hasbro didn't screw around with his holster. Like most Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Cap, the holster is located and kind of strapped around the right thigh. However, the handgun is molded together with its holster and you can't remove it nor even use it like on the Bucky Cap action figure. In fact, this is probably just a gun handle being glued on top of this holster.

The same can be said with Cap's Bowie knife. I like the utility belt and vest and everything, but this could have been better if it's designed to keep his stuff (like his knife), and could have been deemed as an improvement from his predecessors' lack of storage for accessories. Everything else with the sculpt is completely fine, and I got no complains with the head sculpt and body mold.

The shield that comes with this Cap is far better looking compared to Commander Steve Rogers', Bucky Cap's and US Agent's shield. They used a glossier and shinnier paint on this one; making it look metallic.
The paint job on Cap's star spangled uniform has less detail on it with just solid red, white and blue colour scheme, and mine has some little tiny scrapes on the paint but it actually doesn't look obvious. Most of the colour shadings are done around his belt and vest. One thing Hasbro carelessly forgot to include is "the symbol of a white star on a red circle" on each of his shoulder. Keep in mind that this is one of Ultimate Cap's distinctive features and they just screwed up, big time!

Ultimate Cap has a fair amount of articulation and, as always, they incorporated ankle pivots on him. He got a ball-hinged neck, hinged shoulders, double-jointed elbows, and swivel to the biceps and mid-forearms. For movement to his torso, he got an ab crunch and waist swivel. He got a couple of ball-hinged to the hips, upper-thigh swivels, double-jointed knees and mid-calf rotation.

You can absolutely take off Cap's utility belt and vest! It's made of soft plastic so it is easy to remove or wear.

The height and size is a little on the larger side of the scale. He's almost of the same scale as the ML Bleeding Edge Iron Man, maybe even bulkier than him but then they would look perfectly fine once you got the right camera angles.

I can't say to you that I would recommend this action figure nor it's the worse action figure you'll ever have. He got some good qualities such as articulation and accessories. Although this is an inaccurate rendition of the Ultimate Cap with some pretty depressing features (like the gun holster), but the entire design is pretty neat when you look at it.

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