Friday, 23 January 2015

Viper Predator (NECA)

NECA Viper Predator
Xenomorphs beware, this Predator specialize on exterminating your kind. Unfortunately, the Viper Predator doesn't exist in any comic books and/or movies that tell stories about Predators. Viper is NECA's very own creation that suppose to come with a bike-like vehicle known as the Blade Fighter- a Predator's own version of the Speeder Bike from Star Wars... but with claws! One can only imagine how huge that bike will be (when it comes out) the fact that you have to get this 7-inch action figure sit on top of it. But who needs the Blade Fighter when you already got a figure as menacing as the vehicle itself?

Yet still I imagine how this Xenomorph-hunter would look like on a bike especially every time I see both its hands designed to hold a handlebar. The Viper Predator has another pair of hands that looked exactly like the standard open-palmed hands for NECA Predators. Another accessory, which didn't really change much (in terms of design), is the Plasma Caster with the backpack that latches right unto its left shoulder.

One important accessory, which I really like the most is its removable bio mask. Now I know we've seen this before with our Nightstorm Predator, but Viper's mask (unlike Nightstorm's) covers the entire face. The only detrimental effect to it is that it made its head oddly big, and the reason for it is to accommodate the entire head especially those mandibles.

Viper wields two pairs of wrist blades to both its arms. Double-twin blades that extend or retract which may very well make Wolverine piss his pants. Behind its bio mask are sculpted technological designs which are impressive. The body mold is, not surprisingly, just a standard issue. It doesn't even have the "trophies" laced around its torso and/or waist like with most Predators we've seen. It's a shame that they added something yet they also removed something.

By this time, you've probably guessed why it's called the Viper Predator or... should you look at what a copperhead snake appears like? The paint work on its forehead with all those lines forming diamond shapes give Viper the snake appeal. The colour scheme is a combination of red and black painted over flesh. The armour and Plasma Caster, including its loin cloth are all painted with gunmetal with the wrist blades as the only thing different.

For articulation, nothing different or has changed with its hinges and joints even the fact that this Predator is suppose to be placed on a Blade Fighter seat. It's head is on a ball-peg that allows it to rotate and lean side to side but limited. It has ball-hinged shoulders but no bicep rotation. It has the elbow rotation merged with an elbow joint which I really hate. It got ball and socket wrists that aim and rotate. Viper waist rotation and T-joints at the hips, which can be crucial to being able to ride the vehicle. However, range of movement is limited. To its legs, it got rotation to the thighs, double-joints at the knees, and rotation at the ankles with the ankle rockers.

The question of whether the Viper Predator or any of these NECA Predators actually, would look awesome on the upcoming Blade Fighter remains to be seen. But if we look at this Predator action figure right now aesthetically, I'd say it looked fairly good. The articulation is a bit of a letdown but the accessories are quite impressive. The Viper Predator is passable and recommendable to anyone who's a hardcore fan of this franchise.

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