Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Samus Aran: Metroid- Other M (Figma)

Figma Samus Aran
If you're one of those guys who haven't played Metroid back in the late 80's and still hasn't played it today because you just don't wanna get yourself a Nintendo Wii, then you're like me- clueless as to who this Megaman wannabe is while thinking that this character is a dude! Who would have thought this hero is a heroine when every part of her body is covered? If your eyes are not as keen as that of a hawk, then you wouldn't notice those lovely curvaceous waist and butt, and those long slender legs. Samus Aran is right up there on the list of top female video game characters along with Chun Li and Lara Croft! She's probably the answer to Capcom's Megaman, and Figma's finest video game figure it created.

Personally, I think this Samus figure needs interchangeable heads where I can switch between her ala-Master Chief type of helmet and an unmasked version showing her pretty face. Instead we got five (5) different interchangeable left hands- three (3) of which are somewhat unnecessary like the "thumbs-up" hand, the "high-five" hand, and the hand that's sort of holding a melee weapon or something but not sure where I could use it because she doesn't come with any wieldable weapon! It's interesting! The clenched fisted hand and the "relaxed" hand which can also be used to hold and stabilize her arm cannon are those I like best.

And speaking of that arm cannon, it comes with two (2) different interchangeable nozzles- the standard one which has a narrow diameter, and the more aggressive type which has a wider diameter. Also, with these comes two (2) different pink translucent blast effects that are interchangeable. Both blast effects can fit right into any of those two nozzles, but I always pair up the aggressive type with the double-shot blast effect because to me, it makes more sense. Moreover, Samus Aran comes with the infamous Morph Ball which (you might know) is what she's gonna turn into when she's dashing and charging like a crazy bowling ball. And like all Figma figures, this figure also has the ever useful Figma clear stand.

Besides rolling herself like an armadillo, Samus has the ability to fly at short distances thanks to these jet boosters behind her shoulders. No flame effects to go with it unfortunately, but the sculpt on this figure is pretty game accurate. Based off from the 2010 Metroid game, Figma didn't miss on the very important details like her big rounded shoulder guards, her pointy knees and ankles, and the overall contour and shape of her body armour as well as the line works that gave rise to her unique design.

When it comes to paint application, this figure can be almost compared to a brand new car! Other brands or toylines may give you that sloppy paint job with colours overlapping at each other but you can't see that with this Samus figure. Not only that I'm impressed by its consistency and tidiness but also with the addition of gloss and a few glitter dust coating the figure. It's done masterfully and I got no complains about it.

The articulation on this figure is more than enough to allow plenty of natural poses. Samus' head is on a ball-jointed neck that lets it rotate, lean side to side but sadly due to the nature and size of her chest armour, her head can't look up. Her shoulders are on double ball-joints that allows full extensions of the arms and articulated shoulder guards to keep them out of the way. Elbows and knees are on this "disc-type" of joint almost works as a double-joint! There is no waist rotation but a diaphragm joint/swivel filling the role. Samus' hips are on that ball and socket type of joint that gets her to kick at an ideal range. She has upper-thigh rotation and ankle rotation with pivots.

Without further ado, let's have a Super Smash Bros. scenario- Link vs. Samus Aran! Both are in good scale as they were made by the same company. Nothing could probably give you that excitement, especially if you're a huge fan, to see your favourite game characters made into plastic. For non-gamers and action figure collectors, you will still love the Figma Samus Aran not only because of its playability and design, but also it has that adult collector value in it. Honestly though for me, I love playing with it.


  1. Isn't there a unsuited version of her too?

    1. The unsuited version is in a form of a statue by Figma, not an action figure. Hopefully in the future, they'll give us one.

  2. I love this figure. I Bought the Link from Japan way back before they started selling it in gamestop and love that one as well but his sword is a little to fragile. I read that the American rerelease of link has a slightly thicker peg sword handle.

    1. The Link you see on that last photo is also a Figma action figure like this Samus Aran. The sword for this one is made of "high grade" plastic and so it doesn't break easily.