Thursday, 28 November 2013

Emma Frost: Astonishing X-Men (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Emma Frost
Last and definitely not the least Legends figure from the Wolverine Legends Wave (a.k.a. Puck Build-A-Figure Wave) that I'd like to show is none other than this gorgeous mind-manipulating siren, Emma Frost! This is the 2nd Emma Frost or White Queen we had from Hasbro; the first one that was released 5 years ago is just hideous and I think it's about time they should create a new one, and I'm glad they did. While still sporting the Astonishing X-Men "uniform", you can see a much better improvement on this Emma from the old Emma. With her and Rogue (who will be coming out next year) branded as the "Manipulators of Memories", she will indeed manipulate and mesmerize you... if you don't stop staring at her!

Again, there is no "X" logo painted or embossed on this X-Men figure just like freelance Wolverine. I don't know what's the deal here with Hasbro but this time, I cannot complain with the paint job cause it doesn't look like she has some smudges like we had with Cyclops. Although I got nothing really much to tell you about the paint details, but I like the choice of flesh tone they used on this figure; it almost seemed skin-like for that matter. You may not actually see the colour shading on her "beach blonde" hair on these photos but there are some fine light gray highlights running through it. Silver lipstick!- I like that, but the eyes look like it need some alignment.

Hasbro apparently used the Jean Grey body mold for Emma. They used the same pair of hands but replaced her feet. She got her high heels, which make her a bit taller than Jean. I like the detail over her chest- talking specifically about the indention and the shape that made up her brassiere. Moreover, the curves and the contour that formed her mind-blowing body is phenomenal. This newer Emma Frost is undeniably more voluptuous than old Emma from the Annihulus BAF Series.

What's missing with this Emma Frost is her signature white cape. Looking almost half naked may still give her that appeal but to fully present an accurate rendition of Emma, it would have been nice if she had it. I have to steal old Emma's cape and try to snug it right in, and unfortunately it looked kinda odd seeing this floating above her shoulders.

Remember; same body mold equals the same amount of articulation. Identically, she got what Jean Grey got. Her head movement is hindered by her hair though you can ply it out of the way. She can ball-hinged shoulders with no bicep swivel, single-jointed with rotation at the elbows, hinges and rotation at the wrists. She got diaphragm swivel that cuts around the edge of her bra. Ball-hinged hips, which I don't like. Upper thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, hinges to the ankles with rotation and ankle pivot for the leg part.

With her heels, she stands about 6.3 inches tall; just about a tiny bit taller than Cyclops who's also part of this Wave. Nevertheless, I think she is a must-own figure for me to complete my Astonishing X-Men team. The only problem I might be having is I won't be able to put her on display without an action figure stand. Pointy heels are not designed to stand! Overall, I like this figure; yet another improvement done by Hasbro.


  1. Scott has a thing telepaths that is for sure but if am going for sexy than White Queen will beat Jean Grey every time.

    1. Two of the hottest women of Marvel had dated one lucky guy.

  2. HUGE improvement, but I still don't care for her "belt" around her's just too big.