Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Andrea: The Walking Dead (McFarlane Toys)

The Walking Dead: Andrea
It is all dead and walking this October for me, and this time I'd like to talk about Andrea (action figure) from The Walking Dead. You know I used to like Andrea; her character is strong, smart, and rivetingly exciting until she slowly spiralled down just like a falling autumn leaf and into the lamest moment we've ever seen her in the show... and then she died! Her story might have touched the hearts of some viewers, but I just love the Andrea that i know from Season 1 & 2. And by the time I saw the first four episodes of Season 3, Andrea was dead on arrival to me. Thankfully, this action figure has a McFarlane style of paint job and sculpting, and doesn't look as dull as the character.

The cool thing about this action figure is that she has a coat that you can have her wear or remove it whenever you feel like. This is actually like Michonne's hood where the accessory is made of pliable plastic that bends and works its way around the contours. Other accessories include a handgun, a scoped sniper rifle with a wooden stock that looked like Rick's, and the ultimate zombie killer- the pitchfork!, which I think should be the weapon of choice if you're dealing with zombies.

Putting the coat on to Andrea can be a little tricky but I find it a lot easier if you pull her head out and put it back on once you put her leathery coat on nice and tight. The only problem you'll be dealing with this action figure is her hands. You'll never gonna have any luck getting her to hold the pitchfork nor the gun in a proper manner.

The paint detail, however, on this figure never fails to impress me. Even as simple as her white dress shirt already has tons of colour shading along with the wrinkles and creases that made it stand out. Her dark pants are also loaded with sculpting details such as fabric lines and dirt that matches her dark leather coat. Her face sculpt may not look exactly like Laurie Holden but just think of it like a teenage version of her. Also, she got a holster glued to her hips where you can keep her gun.

Moving now to articulation, I'd say her joints and movements are basically the same with that of Michonne's. She got a ball-jointed neck like every Walking Dead figures we had. Ball-jointed shoulders (and again no bicep swivel), single-jointed elbow that flex and rotates, and rotation at her hinged-wrists. No swivel at her waist. She has a Y-jointed hips that lets her legs move at a certain limit. She got upper-thigh swivel, single-jointed knees with rotation, and ball-hinged ankles that rotates and pivot a bit.

To complete your Walking Dead gang, you must have Andrea. Sadly, I wasn't pleased with her character in Season 3 but nevertheless, she still look hot! Andrea stand about 5 inches tall and can add yet another awesome look unto a display of Walking Dead collection.

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