Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ultron (Marvel Legends)

Marvel Legends Ultron
When this Marvel Legends Iron Man Wave came out, I am one of those few people who became restless as to why we got an Ultron figure instead of a Mandarin if this Wave is actually a tie-in with those Iron Man/Avengers movies. Honestly, I didn't expect Ultron to come out nor even realize its significance. Now after Avengers: Age of Ultron got announced at the SDCC 2013 event, I don't know if Hasbro already knew about this bad robot but, apparently, they released this action figure couple of months before the event. Whether this is planned or just coincidence by Hasbro, none of us, geeks expect that Ultron would be the main villain in the next instalment.

There are a lot of speculations flying around about this new Avengers movie opening in the year 2015, but a confirmed fact states that Tony Stark will be Ultron's creator (instead of Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man). I think this will be our first time to see J.A.R.V.I.S. (voiced by Paul Bettany) going haywire as he/it will slowly turn into one of the Avengers' toughest foes, ...but this is just my own speculation. I'm not so sure what is really going on behind those curtains, but I think this could be possible.

And so... yeah, we finally got a 6-inch scale Ultron figure for our Marvel Legends collection. Looking at this figure, I can't say I am disappointed nor too happy with it. I still think the sculpt and the paint detail of the Marvel Select Ultron is quite unmatched when it goes up against all the Legends ones. While the MS Ultron holds a more classic look, this Hasbro ML Ultron has that modernistic and a bit of Iron Man-esque look in it.

Ultron gets its colour from this gray plastic that is being used to create this figure. If you look closely, you can see some swirls and twirls around Ultron's smooth and glossy body. There are some colour shading around this figure but it is really not that of a huge deal.

I am not too impressed with the sculpt, however, I like that they added these shoulder guards, that bony spine going down its back and the ala-Colossus type of skin; making it looked bad ass. This modern day Ultron may have more features than the Select version but some of these features are out of proportion. The feet are way too big and tall as well as that clenched fist in its right arm.

The poseability on this figure though is better than the Select version, however, this Marvel Legends figure is not among those other figures in this toyline with great amount of articulation. With a head that moves all the way up and ball-hinged shoulders, you can easily take this Ultron on a flight mode. In addition, Ultron got double-jointed elbows, wrists that can rotate and bend, also, the torso can rotate and bend. It got ball-hinged hips, upper-thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, ankles that can rotate and bend but no pivot.

If you're into customizing action figures, I am sure it is going to be easy for you to paint this guy with all gray and do some colour shading to cover this swirly-twirly thing going around its plastic. Unless Hasbro intended to have an Ultron that looks like a caramel-coated candy, then, really, I'm not feeling this one and they need to realize that it actually doesn't look nice. I wouldn't I say "I recommend" this figure but rather say get him to complete your Iron Monger Build-A-Figure or get him for your Avengers collection.


  1. Ultron is a classic! And this one looks great. One of the local Toy Re-sellers has a "From The Vault" one from Toy Biz i think and it looks pretty decent too. Been thinking i should pick it up sometime if the price is right.

    1. I think Joss Whedon and his crew made a good decision of bringing Ultron for Avengers 2. I personally think he's much scarier yet more exciting of a villain than Loki.

  2. The ML Ultron looks more like Iron Man since he's a re-use of the Titanium Man buck. You're right though, the MS version still reigns as the better between the two. Most would only get the ML Ultron just to complete the 'Monger BAF (yours truly included.....LOL).

    1. Ultron is my least favourite action figure in this Iron Monger BAF Wave yet it was the hardest for me to find around stores.