Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Superman: Man of Steel (Movie Masters)

Movie Masters Superman: Man of Steel
If you don't think this Superman action figure looks a lot like Max Brooks, well... at least I can tell you why this figure doesn't even have any resembling feature from that actor who played the role in the Man of Steel movie. But taking the movie aside and just focusing on this figure as it is, I think this is a unique rendition of a Superman that shows a much cruder and more realistic feature (even with the Max Brooks face sculpt) than the good ol' pretty boy look. I mean- it's not that terribly bad! And I think Mattel did an almost flawless job with the overall sculpt and paint application on this Movie Masters Superman.

Sporting a Kryptonian-designed latex suit based off the movie of course, Superman got all these waves and streaks of metallic gray paint decorated around his legs and torso as well as his entire wrist bands. The entire suit is mostly covered in glossy blue paint with no shading or any form of contrasting colours. Surprisingly, Supe's signature cape has some minor shading on it but barely there. Probably, the most eye catching paint app is the ones on his face having these darker brown colours at the side of his jaw; pronouncing the shape of his manly chin and cheek bones.

The "S" crest, which is not actually an "S" but a some sort of alien symbol, is sculpted pretty damn movie-like! However, if you look at the bottom tip of the crest closely, there is just a lack of glow and gloss, and the yellow paint surrounding the "S" is a little faded. But it's not really a huge deal, I think. I can always repaint and retouch it. Likewise, he comes with this small figure base stand in the shape of that crest, which doesn't really come in handy but great for aesthetic purposes.

And so moving now to sculpt. What truly amazes me is the texturing on his blue and red suit that's mimicking the fabric from the movie; something I less expected to see. The measurements (length, diameter and shape) on his arms legs and torso are in perfect harmony with each other. You can see how that six-pack emerged just like that of a body builder along with Supe's well-sized chest girth. Now if you ask me how I feel about his hairstyle, I'm not totally loving it nor I'm upset about it. I am glad that this Superman doesn't have that ridiculously symbolic front curl over his forehead, but then I don't know why it kinda turned out like grandpa's style of combing his hair. It doesn't bother me though but I wish Mattel could have fixed it.

The articulation on this figure is more or less like your Marvel Select figures except for those hip joints that I'm not really fond of. Before I checked each joints on this action figure, I tried to "flying pose" him... and the result is not what I desire. If only he got an ab crunch and a neck that leans and turns all the way up, then surely, this is going to be your "Up-up-and-away" Superman. But I can't wait for that Play Arts Kai version of the Man of Steel Superman, which will be, not surprisingly, more articulated than any Supe figures.

The Movie Masters Superman got a ball-jointed neck that lets his head move up and down, and side to side. Fortunately, he got ball-hinged shoulders and swivel to the biceps that lets you raise and adjust both his arms to give him, at least, some decent flying pose. He got single-jointed elbows, wrist twists, waist swivel, a T-joint on his hips that lets the legs move a little forward and back and, of course, he got these DC Universe style side-hip joints that lets you spread his legs; revealing these sharp angles around his groins. Superman only got single-jointed knees, lower calf swivels and ankle joints that lets it move up and down, and needless to say, no ankle pivots.

Upon size-comparing Superman to some of my 6-inch figures (like my Marvel Legends obviously), he is a tad small to some extent that I should carefully choose which ML figure would be compatible for his size. He doesn't go too well with most ML figures, but he looks perfect standing side by side with the Revoltech Iron Man.

This Movie Masters toyline is a growing and improving toyline specializing on DC characters, and I recommend you to start getting them because, who knows! Maybe they will come up with another cool or even better movie action figure to be released.


  1. I keep thinking he looks like the Fonz from Happy Days lol.

    1. His face just kind of weird but perfectly sculpted. I actually got some mixed feelings about it though.

  2. The face sculpt and imprints on the suit is great. I just got a feeling his head and body size seems out of place a little. Mattel should starting looking into doing some skin toning. And I think they really nail the high side for the price tag for this line. In opinion, a bit too much to pay for. Well its Superman.

    1. I agree, though I like the "feel" of the plastic material on most of the Mattel toys, but they seem unable to ascend themselves to compete with NECA or Diamond Select, or toylines that excels in the paint app and sculpt department.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, i like the sculpt of this figure, plus it's cheap at Toys 'R Us. :-)